Privacy policy

What personal information do we store?

Name, e-mail address and phone number.

Purpose of storing information?

To be able to make contact and reply on requests and questions. We send information via e-mail. The e-mail info service can be cancelled by recipient at any time.

What information is stored?

You can request this information at any time. Contact .

How to erase info?

To erase the information - Contact .

How to limit the information or reverse your approval?


How long do we store the information?

If there is no communication, the information is erased after 12 months.

Konktaktinformation till personuppgiftsansvarig

Victor Wanselius. Addbrand Sweden AB, Box 134, 564 23 Bankeryd, Sweden.

Technical responsibility

This website is handled and maintained by The Generation Webbyrå in Stockholm. When there is personal information, this is technically handled in the company´s server halls in Stockholm, Sweden. The website is patched and is maintained on a daily basis according to standard procedures in order to keep the highest level of security.